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About Us

Welcome to Coco & Nut Coffee! Located in the heart of Croydon and Wimbledon, our cosy independent cafes are more than just places to grab a coffee—they are havens of relaxation and community.

We source the finest beans and brew each cup with care, ensuring every sip is a delight. Our cafes provide a warm, inviting atmosphere where you can unwind, catch up with friends, or escape the hustle and bustle.

Beyond coffee, we offer a delicious selection of cakes, pastries, and toasties. Our Croydon branch features an amazing food menu with a variety of options, from full English breakfasts and poke bowls to risottos and quesadillas.

At Coco & Nut Coffee, we proudly support our local community by hosting regular events and fostering a sense of belonging. Join us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life in our cosy cafes. We look forward to welcoming you!

Drop by for a Drink and a Bite!

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